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Maki Kuroshi :: Shaman King verse by GothicDemonGirl Maki Kuroshi :: Shaman King verse by GothicDemonGirl

Full name: Maria Stiglmayer/Maki Kuroshi
Nicknames: Mary, Maki, Ma-chan
Gender: Female
Height: 165 cm || 5’5”
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Hair: Platinum blonde
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: Croatian
DOB: 31th October, 1997
Birthplace: Zagreb, Croatia
Mother - deceased
Father - deceased
Relationship status: Single



[ Sample ] Tara Strong
[ Singing ]


[ Sample ] Yui Ishikawa
[ Singing ]
Takako Matsu


Theme Song: 
[ Maki's Character Song ]…
[ Battle Music ]…


Kamon’s voice:


[ Sample ]…

[ Sample ]…


"A man to a man is a wolf. Trust and believe nobody, but only yourself."
"Everybody leaves sooner or later. So why bother caring or getting attached to anyone?"



Maki is shy, quiet, unsociable, cautious, distrustful, but she can also be childish, clumsy, loud, spoiled, impatient and goofy. She doesn’t trust people easy after being betrayed before few times so it takes a lot of time for somebody to earn her trust. When talking to the person for the first time she doesn’t speak much and when she does she is withdrawn, cautious and quiet. She can also be rude and impolite if somebody pisses her off. But if the person earns her trust she’ll do anything to make him or her smile. She puts friends first and she doesn’t let anybody hurt them. If that does happen she will hunt the person who hurt them and make them pay for what they did.
+Strenghts: Loyal, a good listener, fast (eater, runner…), good with origami and creative stuff
-Weaknesses: Possessive, impatient, spoiled, clumsy (gets hurt often), low self-confidence


Maki Kuroshi a.k.a Maria Stiglmayer(her original Croatian name) was born in Croatia into a loving family. Her parents married young and pretty soon her mother gave birth to her. Maki was raised and nourished in a family full of love and she was happy. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. When she was 3 years old a robber snuck into her house while everybody was sleeping. Her parents woke up after hearing sounds and her dad went to see what caused it. When he saw the robber he confronted him wanting to protect his family, but he was murdered in the attempt. Her mother wanted to spare her daughter of the same destiny so she ran to the yard and hid her into the dog house they had, hoping the robber will not find her there. After she gave her one last kiss she ran back to the house to call the police and scare away the criminal. When the police came to the house, it was too late. The bodies of her parents were found both dead. One of the police officers who was investigating found Maki and after finding out she has no relatives, she was put into a foster home. Maki lived in a foster home for a few years, which was not a nice place. She was often bullied by other kids and got called names. but that changed when a Japanese couple came to the orphanage one day to adopt a baby. They chosen Maki and took her back to Japan where they lived.


She started to live in Japan at the age of of 6. Around that time she started going to elementary school. She didn’t have any friends cause other kids didn’t like her and usually either pushed her around or broke her things and made fun of her for being a “bought” child. She tried telling the teachers what was going on, but nobody cared or even bothered with that. Things weren’t going good home either around that time. Her stepfather started drinking cause of the debts he was in thanks to his gambling addiction, so he fall into alcohol and often abused his wife and Maki. As the time started passing by, Maki started falling into depression and she started cutting. Every day was hell for her and she wanted to disappear or die. The bulling continued even in high school, where she became the class pray. That was also the time when she met Eirik. Eirik saved her one day from some bullies who were teasing her in the school yard and that is how they met. As time was passing by they became best friends. Because of the hard situation she had in school and at home, she enjoyed spending time with Eirik, cause the only times she was happy and smiled was when she was with him. With him she didn’t have to pretend or be on guard, with him she felt safe and she knew he got her back. At the age of 14 she was raped by her stepfather. After that Maki pulled into herself, she didn’t talk with anybody and her grades started going down. That was the first, but not the last time her stepfather sexually harassed her. When she couldn’t take it anymore she went over to Eirik’s house and told him what happened. Her father showed up in front of Eirik’s house and tried to forcefully bring her home, but Gwyneira chased him away and took her in as her own child since Maki couldn’t go back home anymore. Maki has been living with Eirik and Gwyneira until the accident happened. After Gwyneira died, she and Eirik were forced to live in a foster home. Maki was scared of the idea that she might have to go thru the same stuff she did when she was little, but with Eirik by her side she felt at ease knowing she’s not alone.

When she moved into Eirik’s apartment a new chapter in her life began. Thanks to Eirik and his care and kindness, her depression and sadness started fading away little by little. She still hasn’t got rid of it, but she has been living happy. During that time she met Hiro and eventually they became best friends. Hiro always has her back, especially when they're at school and tries to cheer her up when she is feeling down. Even with all that she is still going through tough times in school and her grades aren’t the best, but thanks to these two she is recovering and she started smiling more often.


Talents: making origami dancing   kendo


Making origami
Hugs and cuddling
Stuffed toys


Two faced people
Turbo-folk music
Hot weather
Happy colors


Diagnosed with haphephobia.
Loves collecting badges.
Started training kendo when she was 13 and now she’s the best in her class.
Bats and dogs are her favorite animals.
When she was little she wanted to go to Hollywood and work as a actress.
Knows to speak 3 languages: English, Japanese and her native language Croatian.
She is a bit of perverted, but she does have moments where she will blush and get shy when talking about sex or anything sexual.
She wants to get 2 tattoos: one on her wrist that will say “a man to a man is a wolf” written in Japanese and the Scorpio’s symbol on her back.
She likes to dance hip-hop, which she learned from Hiro.
Her dance idol is Minzy(from the group 2NE1). When Maki was younger she used to watch 2NE1's videos cause she loved to see Minzy dance. It's actually thanks to her that she got her wish to learn to dance Hip-hop.


Time zone: +1 CET
RP style: Paragraph and Script
RP methods: Skype and notes

(I am willing to rp anytime, so give me a „poke“ and I will gladly reply. If I don’t reply ASAP, I am then either distracted, busy or asleep.)

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